Are the products authentic?

All of our products is 100% authentic. Every product we sell passes strict legit checks, includes the most advanced methods out there. All to make sure you'll receive original product.

Are the products new?

Most of our products are new. Some of the products are used, and you can see the condition in the item's description.

Where can I see the products?

 all of the products in site can be seen at our showroom, address:

Habbanim 59, Ramat Hasharon. Please make sure to schedule with us before coming to the showroom. Phone number: 050-9378894

Do you ship?

Yes, we offer an express shipping in Israel. Delivery time can take up to 3 business days. All products will be packed in a double box to assure its safety.

Why some products tagged as "special order"?

Sneakerspot always looking to provide you the newest and most wanted sneakers. Some of our products stays in warehouses out of Israel, and we will only ship them to Israel by client's request. 

What is your authentication zip tie?

all of our sneakers comes with an authentication zip tie. The zip tie is connected to the shoes. In order to remove it, you'll have to cut it.

The zip tie is attached to the sneakers in order to show the client that the product had been checked and it is 100% legit.

In order to return a product, the product must have returned with the zip tie attached.

Why a product can't be returned without the authentication zip tie?

The authentication zip tie can be obtained only by shopping directly with Sneakerspot. Any damage or cut to the zip tie, will make it difficult for us to know whether the product bought from us or not. Furthermore, brand new products cannot be worn with the zip tie. Therefore, the zip tie is the only way to know the product bought from us, and is still unworn.